Miteq afs3

Miteq rf amplifier afs3. Rf amplifier ic general purpose 2ghz.
Microwave wide band medium power amplifier. 4 miteq view datasheet, manufacturer, stock at jotrin the manufacturer, stock, datasheet pdf for the afs3.
Low noise and medium power afs amplifiers octave and multioctave ultra. Wideband medium power. Miteq has been serving the microwave. Rf components and subsystems, and satcom markets for over 60 years. Miteq brand name, our employees and field sales representatives take great pride in bringing the highest. Quality catalog and custom components to our valued military and commercial end users.
Miteq is a rf amplifier with frequency. Mhz to 6 ghz, gain 32 db, gain flatness. 5 db, noise figure 4. Power amplifier, low noise amplifier. More details for afs3. Mp can be seen below. Calculating the cascaded values for 1 db compression point. For the system budget requires use of ratios for gain and power levels for p1db.