How to make a mbira piano

Kalimba 17 key thumb piano, finger piano. Mbira 17 tone musical toys with tune. Hammer and study guide, christmas day gifts idea for boyfriend, girlfriend, child. The sound of the african thumb piano. Also called mbira, likembe, kalimba etc. Is too cute to be ignored any longer. Learn about this african idiophone.
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Buy mugig kalimba 17 keys with instruction and tune hammer, portable thumb piano mbira sanza mahogany body ore metal tines. The mbira is a folk instrument originally from africa. Sometimes called a thumb piano, sanza, or kalimba, they are generally home. Made and consist of metal.
Is an african musical instrument consisting of a wooden board. Often fitted with a resonator. The guajeo shares rhythmic, melodic and harmonic similarities with the short ostinato figures played on marimbas, lamellophones, and string.