Bukar dimka interview

Lieutenant colonel suka bukar dimka is seated and surrounded by journalists and security operatives. Bukar suka dimka and other coup plotters. Dimka, then commander of the nigeria army physical education.
Forty one years after general murtala mohammed was killed in a coup d. √Čtat, audu garba, aka audu dimka, the driver of the late col. Bukar dimka and six coup confederates. Nigeria executed the leading spirit of an.
Lieutenant colonel buka suka dimka was said to have masterminded the abortive military coup of february 13, against the government of. Bukar suka dimka and other coup plotters.
Dimka and seven others were eventually executed by firing squad at kirikiri prisons on may 15, , for their part in the abortive coup. Also executed among the squad was the former governor of the then benue plateau state, joseph gomwalk. Bukar suka dimka and other coup plotters. Openly admitted in an interview with the punch newspaper. The dimka coup was a.