Tao xun how to play

Tao xun, fired by clay pottery, was one of oldest musical instrument in china people. According to the archaeological discovery, the oldest one is about. S history can be traced back to the later part of the stone age, and its rudiment were stones used by our ancestors for hunting. T were cavities formed naturally on them. Xun tao definition at, a free online dictionary with english, mandarin chinese, pinyin, strokes.
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This thread sprouted from another thread about xun. S the situation, you bought a xun but you. Re having a tough time trying to play it. Traditional chinese. Is a globular, vessel flute from china. It is one of the oldest musical instruments in china and has been in use for approximately seven thousand years. The xun was initially made of baked clay or bone, 1. And later of clay or ceramic.
Man at his kiosk plays xi. S traditional musical instrument. Based flute with 8 finger holes with a variety of etched. Tao xun, animation department. Patrick stewart to play a.
Chords for learn to play xun. Seven pottery chinese xun flute. Play along with guitar, ukulele, or piano with interactive chords and diagrams. How to play the xun 2. Tao xun performance.
Fingering, blowing, and playing the xun. If you can produce a pitch by blowing across the mouth of a regular soda pop bottle, you can play the xun. To play your first note, hold the xun in both hands and place your lower lip against the rim of the blowing hole. The middle of your chin should touch the body of the instrument. Xun, buy xun, pottery flute, high quality xun instrument, chinese traditional musical instrument.
Before you can tune your xun, you need to find out what key it. Play your xun and find it. S lowest note with your tuner, this is the instruments key. Go to my fingering chart generator, select xun in the first box, your xun. S key in the second. These are the notes you will tune to. Those had three finger holes and could produce the notes do, mi, so, la and fa. The shape of the instrument and number of finger holes of the xun as we know it today were standardized during the shang dynasty. Most xun of that era had five finger holes and produced sound of much better quality.